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Mystery Lady at Bank

It was an unusually hot summer morning (unusually hot as a piece of plastic deformed inside my car when it was parked outside for sometime); I was in bank filling form for drafts. My hands were already tired writing assignments for several days and I was barely able to write when this beautiful young lady approached me and asked for today’s date. Its usual thing in bank here people asking date, pen and spelling of amount in words etc so I just told even without looking at her. I was busy filling 6 drafts forms one mine and other of friends carefully checking everything again and again when this lady ask me if I live at Safina? Safina is the name of apartments near this bank, and I promptly replied “No” with a gentle smile.  She was standing on my left filling withdrawal form and then she again paused and says “ops I did a mistake in my signature and I have to fill it all again”. At this point I felt I should advice her something, I am hesitant to talk to unknown opposite gender but since she was so friendly I proceeded. I told her,  “see there are so many blank withdraw slips you should take few home so that next time you don’t need to fill them here in a hurry “. She was like what an idea!!!  Now after some pause she asks me, “what is your name and where do you live? I replied Medical colony and with no delay she asks me. “Are you a Doctor?” Now I told about myself that I do websites work and also studying MCA and she was listening to all that with a delight. She then told me that she is withdrawing 400 rupees; don’t know why she told me that.  I was still busy filling and checking these draft form and counting bundles of notes when this mystery lady left saying she has to leave now (to stand at withdrawal window queue). I saw her leaving the bank after sometime but she could not see me to make that last good bye smile. Talk is not over yet, I wish to meet you again mystery lady! Dumbo me, forgot to ask her name and place.

Stupid Client

In these many years of working as a freelance, I have met many people. Some people will just want to get the work done and deal with me professionally which I appreciate but mostly will try to become over friendly to get work done cheaper. I am a social person and I don’t mind either type of behavior, friendly or professional. Today I sent a 4th reminder to one of my friendly client to do the long pending payment but there was no response at that time. In evening when I was about to leave my lab I received his call that he wants to meet me. Since his shop was near my lab, he promptly agreed to come to lab himself. I was thinking what a good client I got, he is coming to do the payment finally but I was about to get the most funniest and stupid excuse from him for not paying me.

A little detail about the work I did for him: about a week back he sends me a webpage design (psd file) and asks me if I can make an OsCommerce template with this design. I agreed and started working on it from that day bit by bit. After completing the work and throughly testing this osCommerce website, I gave him the website files. Even installed the script on his PC and he was happy with the work done. Since he was my old client and I have done one job portal website for him, I did not asked for any advance for this work.

The drama began right from the day one I asked for payment for this work. First reply was not to worry and I’ll pay you very soon. After some x days I call him and he says that he is out of station and will be back on Monday and pay. Monday passed and I send him a reminder email on Wednesday. There was no reply from him. Now after 4th reminder, he finally meets me outside my lab and the talk begins. After some casual discussion he tells me that he will not be able to pay me for the oScommerce template work because he is not able to use oScommerce in his website! At this point I explained him that you gave me a design to convert into oScommerce template and I have already completed that work and given you working oScommerce website, my work is over here. He then throw the same old line (which every second client speaks here for discount) that you will get more work from me.. blah blah.. Then the most stupid thing this client says that I should sell this oScommerce template and get the money!! I again try to cool down myself and explain him that this is not possible and he can himself sell it if he wants. He refuses on this thing too, now my BP was quite high, I simply asked now if he could pay at least 50% of the quoted amount of this work, he offered me to pay Rs.1000/-. My patience broke down here and I could not control my anger on this 1k offer, I said keep your thousand rupees with you, I don’t need any money and left that place. Yet another bad dept in my list added!

shahi paneer

The simple Shahi Paneer recipe

shahi paneerMom was not at home and I had two choices, go eat outside or cook at home. I decided to cook. With not much time in hand and already feeling hungry I decided to make something simple,, quick and delicious. Since I don’t know much about spices combination I just buy ready to use spice mix. Usually these packed spices are not the best option if you are trying to get the best out of your dish but for some recipes it just works equally well. For example if you want to make a chicken recipe, stay away from packed spices. Anyway sticking to our topic here are the stuff that you will need for shahi paneer:


  • MDH Shahi Paneer masala – 4 tea spoon
  • Amul Malai Paneer – 250 gms
  • Cooking oil – 1 cup
  • Two medium size onions
  • Tomato puree 150gms
  • Cashew nuts - 4
  • Salt
  • Heavy Milk Cream – 1 cup



I had paneer packet kept in freezer so if you are also using a frozen packet, cut open the packet and fill it with lukewarm water and keep it aside for 30 minutes. Make paste of onions in a grinder and keep it in a bowl. Now heat cooking oil in shallow pan and fry this onion paste till it start changing color and becomes slightly orange.  Now put tomato puree and fry for few minutes. Now put shahi paneer masala and again fry, here you can put little water if the gravy becomes too thick. Add salt according to your taste, 1 tsp works for me. Let it cook and in mean time make the paste of cashew nuts with little water. Once the masala is cooked well, the oil will separate from gravy. At this point add the cashew nut paste and mix gravy well. Now add some water (about 2 cup) and let the gravy cook for 5 minutes. Once done, put paneer and milk cream and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Your delicious shahi panner is ready! Enjoy it with naan or plain rice.


volvo road roller

At last I can put 5th gear

We live in a rented house allotted to my Dad but soon we will be shifting to our own house, that is almost done now and only little finishing work is left there to be done. However since years one long stretch of road that lead to the construction site of my new house was so bad that one cannot drive above 3rd gear. After much delay the road is finally getting made properly and I was happy to see the fast pace work going there and even when the road is only partially done, now I can drive in 5th gear and save some fuel. There was a Volvo road roller which was doing its job of leveling road at much faster rate than older model road rollers did. Normally it would take about 10min to reach there from my friends house but today it took only 2min and 11 seconds!! I know this precisely because my friend was making video all the way and it was just a 2min 11 sec video. We were surprised to see how quickly we reached the spot.

My personal blog born again

I started blogging years back in 2007 and at that time I was new to blogging and decided to start my blog with a free web host. That blog on free host lasted for quite long and me and that owner of that free host became good friends. I even moderated his forum for sometime. After few years I could not give time to his forum and neither my personal blog. This was the time when I had purchased few domains and I was running blogs on them purely for writing articles that made me money. It went all great for some year and in mean time my webdesign work was improving as I was learning lots of things from internet and my computer classes too. This is going to be a long story which I will tell later and I must finish here as its quite late night now and I am feeling tired. Long story in short. what I really wanted to tell was that in my busy life I forgot about my personal blog that I had on free host, so today I decided to use my real name domain that is to use it as my weblog website.