What a funny week it was! It started with fun and ended with a good laugh as well. A week back I was in market selecting tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms of my new home. After a lot of discussion and imaginations of how the tiles will look after fitting we decided to go for off-white non slippery tiles on floor and Cadbury cream joint free tiles for walls with its matching highlighter tiles as well. Now the same tiles shop gave me a list of phone numbers of tile fitting service. From bunch of numbers I selected the most trusted and oldie looking name “Munshi Lal” thinking that he must be some old chap with lots of experience. Munshi Lal was very much talkative and he bragged a lot about his father work and the experience he has gained from him. When he visited the site of work for giving me estimate, though his rates were fine, he did not agreed to lay tiles on the existing floor of the kitchen and said he will break the existing one and make new one because according to him the floor was not correctly made. This was something I did not want to do because breaking floor may cause damage in various electrical and water pipes below and there was actually nothing wrong with the floor. I tried to convince him the same but Munshi Lal firmly said he will break it and I said goodbye to him. In the mean time I received a call from second person named “Nesar”, I think he got my number from the tiles bill at the shop. This person was a jolly type and looked much down to earth ready to do whatever type of work provided to him and not fiddle too much. I handed him the work and the only annoying thing was he would come to work at sharp 8:30 AM and would work late till 9 PM!! I had to borrow a petrol guzzler generator from my friend Faraz so that work could go on without any interruption. There is a story behind this generator too, it was lying since unknown time at one corner of his house and when we tried to start, it did start after some hard trying. It did its duty well inspite of rusted tank and chocked carburetor. It was a Birla make generator with 2 stroke 63 CC petrol engine from Yamaha.

My duty was to reach the site in morning and stay there to check if work is going on correct or not. In beginning Mr. Nesar tried to do lousy work by fitting even slightly broken tiles. On this I got him remove every bad tile and kept a strict check on his work. After sometime he understood what kind of work I was looking for and he was now doing it correctly. To make environment friendly me and my friend Faraz were cracking jokes and often speaking double meaning lines. The problem with Nesar was that he did not understand the double meaning lines at once, but after few minutes he would catch get it and burst out in laughter giving us yet another reason to laugh.

When the work was complete after a week, it was about 9 PM and it was quite dark. After they packed up their tools I asked about how much was the bill? I already had a rough estimate in my mind because I did calculate the square foot area of walls and floors. Nesar told me that he would bill me @ Rs.7 per square foot for wall and Rs.9 per sq foot for floor. Now instead of measuring the area, he said it will be quicker to just count the number of tiles boxes used and multiply it with the covered area one box covers. I agreed and when it was calculated, it came out Rs.9640 which more than I expected. Since everyone was tired, I did not say anything but paid him Rs.7000 and told him I’ll pay remaining Rs. 2640 tomorrow. At night I thought how this can happen, and in the morning I went to the site and measured the covered area again and according to my calculation total came out Rs.8441 so when Mr.Nesar came to my home for his payment I told him about this and as expected he did not agree to my measurement and said he will measure it again himself. I happily agreed because I knew that I measured it roughly and it was more than the actual area. As I thought when next morning he measured, it came out even less and Mr.Nesar had to settle with even lesser money now.