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3 Hi-Tech Robbers

No I did not see any movie before sleeping so this dream is something totally a creative idea of my mind that was displayed to me while I was sleeping with awesome movie like scenes and dialogues. Here is what I saw:


I am a part of gang, a gang of three robbers. One of them is a beautiful young lady. All of us are wearing black coloured dress which was kind of futuristic looking. In first scene we all three are in a middle of street, its dark all around and we are spotted by cops who are standing at the end of the street. We stole some IC’s (must be really expensive ones) and the other guy with me was having them in his hand. Now I told him since we are spotted, you run as fast as you can and we (me and the girl) will also run and distract the cops away from you. As soon as cops loose your sight, hide these IC’s in the hollow bark of one of trees (there were trees on the side of the road) and we will come in the day and take them away. Soon we were running and looking for some place to hide. After sometime the other guy met us again and said cops have some flying robot who is scanning the whole street and will be coming here very soon. At this point my brain said that its enough entertainment for today and its time to wake up to reality.

Second Bike accident of Life

I cannot count how many times I fell from bike and got minor bruises and cuts and hence don’t call them accident. But I did had a really bad one when I had a head on collision with another bike and I call this my first accident.  This first accident happened long time when I was 17 or something.

The second accident happened 25th January when I was going to my friends house on my bike and my bike slipped. The road had fine gravels and I think I was not looking at how uneven the road was, got dis-balanced and because another friend was sitting behind, I did not get any chance of balancing the bike and we both fell. When falling my friend landed right on my top so he was saved from any major injury. My face on right side hits the road and since I must have tried to save myself using hands (don’t have memory of that exact time of falling), I got a really bad cut on my chin and bruised both hands. Only good thing was that the incident took place near my friends house and hence help arrived soon and I got the first aid.