Its Falsa (or Phalsa) season these days and I would like to share a wonderful Falsa sherbet recipe. Falsa is a kind of fruit with lots of health benefits. Read its wiki page for more knowledge about it, here just enjoy this simple recipe:

Take about 500 gms of falsa. Before buying check that most of the falsa should be fully ripe, fully ripe ones will be soft and not hard. Now take this falsa in a bowl, wash it well and then smash them with your hands. Do not use any food processor for this job because they grind the seeds as well and spoil the taste. Once smashed well, it will look like jam. Don’t worry about the seeds, let them be there. Now take 500 gms of sugar (since we had 500gms of falsa) and mix the sugar in smashed falsa. Just mix it well and leave it for few hours, all the sugar crystals will dissolve itself. Always remember that quantity of sugar will be equal to quantity of falsa. You can keep this mix in a clear jar and put it in refrigerator.

Now to make sherbet, put two spoon of falsa jam in a glass of ice cold water. Mix it well and filter it in another glass. Enjoy the drink.