Tablets bridge the computing usability gap between smartphone and laptop. Some tablets come with SIM card slots and calling facility too. Screen size of these tablets range from 7 inches to 12 inches, and like smart phone where manufacturers have found a sweet spot of 4.5 inch screen which is a balance between too large and too small, in case of these tablets its yet to be found. However there are more of 7 inch tablets and very few of them above 10 inches in the market. I think a sweet spot can be around 8 inches and that reminds of new Lenovo tablets.

Lenovo India recently launched a new range of tablets called Yoga. Now as the name suggest, this tablet have a footer attachment that can flex to provide almost unlimited viewing positions! Tablets are all about computing on the go and if it can’t adjust to your environment, its better to carry a laptop. Yoga tablet provide wider screen gives freedom from pinch to zooming every time you want to read text and with its foldable base, it can be placed on desk at perfect viewing angle.

Keeping the Yoga tablet on desk like a photo frame looks very good, just keep a screen saver of your home photos and it also works as a digital photo frame. I have found another great use of that base, and that wall hanging! Yes you can also hang this yoga tablet easily on a wall, all you need is to make slit on the wall that snugly fits the base and just inset the base into this slit. Below is the pictorial view of the same:

slit-wallFirst we create a slit on the wall. It does not have to be very deep, just deep enough to take the base of the tablet.  Important thing to remember is that slit should be of just the right thickness, if it does not fit the base snugly, your tablet may fall off. Also if you give a slight taper inside, it will be helpful in sliding it in and out.

End result is below after placing the tablet on wall: