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Got my First Ever Salary Today

I joined as a part time computer teacher in January and this was my first job I ever did in my life. It has been two months and today I received my first salary, it was a good day. First month I did not receive any salary because of some delay in paperwork so I got a combined salary for both the months. Its still not a big amount as I easy make much more than this in my freelance web development but still this first salary means a lot to me, I would keep this salary slip forever with me.


My Unconditional Faith in ASUS Brand

When I was a kid and I got my first computer, it was a branded desktop PC but me being a born techie I was curious to see what is inside a computer first thing I noticed inside was ASUS motherboard. This PC served us for long time without any glitch and from there my trust was built for this brand. Later I assembled my own desktop and I used most of the components from ASUS and this computer is working great till date. When I was in college and looking went to buy laptop, ASUS was my first preferred brand and I am writing this blog from my ASUS X53S laptop. I am more than satisfied with my laptop and being an ASUS, its keeping for its brands name by serving me without single issue. I use my laptop daily for professional web development work and this includes not only continuous running for 15 hours every day but also running multiple heavy applications.



Now came the era of Android phones and while everyone was getting android phones, I took some time to get one for myself. I was watching the market and reading reviews in magazines, watching video blog reviews on Youtube and there were so many brands and models that it made it really hard for me to choose one set that was perfect for me. Anyhow when all my friends started switching to android, I was also forced to say goodbye to my old Motorola phone and switch to a brand new android phone. Now this phone was good initially but later on I started getting issues like frequent crashing and memory card getting corrupt every time. Low RAM was also a major drawback and when camera of this phone also started acting up, it was the time to get myself a new phone. I don’t upgrade my phone frequently because my usage of phone was limited to making calls and taking pictures. But now android spoiled me with cool apps like Watsapp, trucaller and the Gmail app.

When I was about to upgrade my phone, I found that ASUS was going to launch android phones as well with Intel Atom processor and this was enough for me to stop myself from buying any other brand of phone. I got myself the very first ASUS Zenfone 4 and I must say ASUS again proved itself for being an extra ordinary brand. This was the best android phone in its range at that time and had really solid built quality. Camera, display, battery backup everything was top notch. Time passed and today we see phones that have octa core processors and Gb’s of RAM, heck my first computer only had single core processor and 128mb of RAM! ASUS was not behind the race and their latest ASUS Zenfone 6 is equipped with whopping 2GB of RAM, powerful Intel Atom processor and 13MP primary camera that will put dedicated point and shoot cameras run for their money. I am saving for this phone and hope to get my hands on it very soon.