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Using honey as a natural sweetener

honey-spoonHoney is one of those miracles of nature that is known to be good for us since many years. Its not an unknown fact that honey not only taste good, its good for our health too. Add a little honey to your lime water instead of sugar and it comes a perfect detoxifying healthy drink. Sugar is no evil thing but the process of cleaning sugar at refinery which gives you super sparkling white sugar adds some unhealthy things to it. While honey is extraction process is simple, it just requires centrifugal force to separate honey from honeycomb and you get ready to eat without any further processing needed. Also honey does not get spoiled which means it requires no addition of preservatives etc to keep it from spoiling. Packaged honey available from brands like Dabur are very good source of pure honey that you can get which are free from any kind of preservatives.

Honey is a natural sweetener and you can use it in almost every sweet dish or just as extra flavoring substance in your food or drinks. While making any kind of beverages where you need to add sugar, you can always replace sugar with honey to make your drink healthier. Honey is not only good for eating, it is also considered a good antiseptic and speeds up wounds recovery. It has been proven it it speeds up the recovery of burnt skin. Just apply a little bit of honey over the burnt skin and it will give instant relief and work as an antiseptic.

People who want to lose weight, honey is a perfect ingredient to consider. In your Honey Diet you should include lime water with honey before doing to jogging or exercise. It will promote fat loss and also give you energy to do your exercise without causing much exhaustion. Honey does have slightly more calories when compared with equal amount of sugar but honey is denser and sweeter than sugar so you will always need less of it to make food item sweet. Honey dissolves very quickly in water so you also don’t need to spend much time stirring like you have to do it with sugar. I am a lazy person and I do like this fact that I won’t need to keep moving that spoon for endless time to completely dissolve the sugar. However when you are making any dish that requires heating or frying, do not add honey at the beginning but add it at the end so that honey is not cooked with your dish. You do not want to burn it and caramelize like sugar, although pure honey does not caramelize but it changes its texture when heated too much. Pure honey can get solidified, if that happens just place it in warm water and it should be back to liquid state.


Simple things you can do to make food more delicious

me-cookingI am a foodie and I always try to get the best kept secrets of chefs of making tasty food. When invited to a buffet, I always try to get a sneak peak of what chef is making and more important are the ingredients list that he has. Here are some of those tips that you can use to make your daily food more tasty.

Making rich and tasty gravy: If you are making any main course dish with gravy, I have noticed that some dish call for thinner gravy while others need thicker. For thicker gravy you need to have some bulk to make the content thick. Some people would use onion paste but I have found that one should not fully depend on onion paste alone but add a secondary item with it that goes well with the dish. And these items can one or combination of one of these:

1. Cashew nut paste

2. Coconut paste

3. Heavy cream

4. Curd

5. Tomato purée

While cashew nut and heavy cream do not have a strong taste, curd and tomato purée does have a sour taste so the amount of these should be added with caution otherwise you will make your gravy too sour which is not good. Cashew nut paste or heavy cream should be added at the end of the preparation of dish and add them gradually till you see a good colour and consistency of gravy. There is no fixed amount for these, the more you add, richer the gravy is. Coconut paste go well with non-veg dishes, it just need a little bit cooking so it should be added along with other items like onion paste.


Making pooris more crisp and tasty: To make them more crisp and tasty, just add a little bit of sooji and maida to your wheat flour. Maida will give it a little rubbery texture and sooji will make it crisp. You can experiment with the amount of sooji and maida to get the right type of poori you want. And always deep fry your pooris and pour hot oil over the pooris while you fry them using any big spoon, it makes them puffed and gives good colour.


Avoid overcooking: There is a temperature range for cooking all types of food items, if you overcook vegetables or meat, they taste horrible. This is the biggest mistake people do while cooking at home. Chicken fox example when overcooked becomes dry and hard. It also looses its taste of cooked too much. Similar is the case with vegetables, if cooked too much, the lose the taste. When making gravy dish you can avoid overcooking of vegetables by first stir frying them and then adding them to the cooked gravy at the end. This helps in retaining taste and this is how they do it in restaurants.

UC Browser – The Best Web Browser for Mobile

Our mobile phone is a kind of life line for us now, we carry it everywhere with us. Some people even take it to washroom with them because they cannot leave their phone even for a single minute. With that kind of attachment with phone seen with people, software market is flooded with mobile apps. Each app will do something to keep you busy. However one main task of mobile after making and receiving calls is internet access. Just like our PC, mobile also have their smaller version of web browser to enable web access. If your web browser app is not a good one, web browsing experience is not going to be good. Since web browsing is one of the main task of smartphone and we are so much dependent on it, you should have the best web browser app installed to get the best web browsing experience.

So which browser app is the best? I would without any doubt vouch for UC Browser any day that it is the best web browser app for mobile. For your laptop or desktop PC, you must be using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and both of them are very good browser but when it comes to their mobile app version I can say that they are not as good as the UC Browser. UC Browser is very light weight and yet feature rich. Install it on a very low configuration mobile phone and still it would work like a champ while other web browser apps start to crash if they don’t get quad core processing and GB’s of RAM.

3 Years back when I got my new Android phone, it came with Chrome pre-installed and it worked fine that time. Months passes and there were several updates in Chrome which led to app becoming more resource intensive. Also in these time I installed several other apps on this phone which took a major part of internal memory. So now the Chrome had less resources while it was getting more resource hungry due to updates. Situation was so bad that I could hardly open any website without crashing multiple times. It was getting frustrating and then I recalled that my very first smartphone (which was not android) had a browser called UC Browser and it never crashed and worked great. I searched for UC Browser on Play store and found its android app as well. Installed it right away and now I can easily browse websites and stream videos without any problem on my 3 year old Android phone which is very low powered when compared to phone launched recently. Now I can quickly check cricked score on my phone because UC browser is so light weight and quick that it doesn’t take much time to to launch and get to the score page with its UC Cricket feature.

UC Browser is not a new software, it’s been around since pre-android period when phones either used Java or Symbian OS and since then it has been the most preferred web browser with mobile users.


Kids these days

happy-familyI came to know a lot more about children of today’s generation after I started my career as a teacher recently. I found many colleagues not very happy with these new generation kids and even I got irritated by their behaviour sometimes but I knew that the generation gap is what making it difficult for us and we need to change to understand them better. It’s not only the technology that is responsible but also the change in parenting. Earlier days, parents were stricter but now we see more leniency, at least I can say this because I have seen 80’s, 90s, 2000 and current generation parents.  And this change in parenting has proved to be excellent. Children are more open about what they think now and they put their opinion before adults now which is a good thing. What they want to eat, what are their likes and dislikes, they tell is openly. Chocolate is every kids favourite and now they can have it in breakfast every day in form of chocolate flavoured corn flakes which is a delicious and healthy breakfast option when taken with milk and fruits. Not only the taste benefit, it’s very easy to prepare as well and I have seen grown up children’s preparing their own bowl of cereal. It can be their first ever meal they ever make which can enlighten them to do more cooking experiments. Best part is that preparing corn flake for breakfast is very easy and parents should allow it to kids to do it on their own, it requires no cooking so there is no chance of getting hurt by stove flame or cut their fingers etc. Internet also comes to help a lot here, I myself look up for new recipes that can be made easily at home with available ingredients and with help of my Mom I am able to accomplish the task. Things like these create fond memories that we remember throughout our life.

Since kids today like to get more involved in technology, I have seen kids helping their not so technically sound parents helping with day to day things like using ATM machines, helping understand the functions on new TV remote control or helping them with features of new mobile phones etc. It’s a kind of blessing that kids today learn faster and help their parents. Most of the times it the children who compel their parents and drag them to stores to buy / upgrade things at home. Survey says that buying decisions are although made by adults, children’s play a big role in finalizing the purchase decision.  It’s always a happy moment in the family when something is bought from the decision made by everyone in the family.


High expectations but low commitments

heart-with-dollarSoon I will turn 30 and as most Indian parents tell their children at this age, mine also started to give me daily advice on how good it is to be married and all the benefits. I did not wanted to go for arranged marriage but since I do not have a girl friend and neither I hope to have one in future so the only option left was arranged marriage.

Parents of both brides and grooms have really high expectations here and I knew this so I kept my parents away from even talking to anyone about marriage before I get a job. However things were more serious which I didn’t knew and I found I was still not eligible for any decent marriage proposals.

After I got job, talks about marriage started again and I was forced to create profile on matrimonial websites. Now I must suggest everyone looking for marriage proposals to create your profile on these matrimonial sites because these sites will give you a reality check. Your parents, friends and well wishers they all like you and talk good things in front of you which raises your own expectations towards your life partner but these matrimonial websites will tell you exactly where you stand. In short after continuous rejections I simply deleted my profile from matrimonial websites and concluded that I still need to go a long way before I can get a decent marriage proposal.

So I am telling this after months of experience and spending hours on these matrimonial sites, if you need to get married you have to be either one of these:

1. A millionaire – you can marry anyone except doctors (you can be ugly that’s not a problem)

2. A doctor – you can get a medico bride / groom.  Doctors have made their own clan and they strictly ask for medico match ONLY. (again you can be ugly that’s not a problem)

3. Extremely good looking with age no more than 25 and highly successful with Govt. job and fat pay scale.

If you are either one of the three given above then you can get a decent marriage proposal, otherwise just forget it and stay single. Even if you manage to become one of the three, next comes the commitment issues with the people on these matrimonial websites, I mean all they need is just a left swipe on the mobile app to see new option. And with so many options available at their finger they will never stick with one and keep on looking for next best option.