It was a tough decision. Finally the day has come when I had to part with my first ever purchased car and that day was today. Since I bought second car, I found that I was not using the older one and it was left unused for months. Every other day my father would remind me to use it or sell it because not using it will only degrade it. One day I tried starting it and it wont start because of dead battery. Charged it battery with my own handmade battery charger and the car started like a champ. Posted its ad on OLX, few people came to see it and tried to bargain. I did lower the price a bit but still could not sell. After few months I again posted an ad and this time with much lowered price. Now I was getting better response, two people were very much interested to buy it and one lucky person came and took the car. I was surprised the even after not using the car for several months, it was running just fine. One last parting shot