brandlogoWhen it comes to internet, I say either you should have a faster connection or you should not have internet at all. Being a user of internet from the days of 56k dial-up, I am molded to the pain of slow internet speed. I can still remember how much limited the productivity was when there was no fast internet access available in our city. Websites would take ages to load and we often returned from cyber cafes without getting any work done because of slow speed.

Then days got better when various broadband service providers started their service in my city and finally I was able to enjoy the internet like it should be enjoyed. However this fast internet access was limited to my home only and when I got my first smartphone, I really carved for a good internet plan that could allow me to be online all the time using my smartphone and also doesn’t cost a bomb. These were the 3G days and since I was a user of Airtel, I tried with 2G first because it was very cheap and my friends told me that its sufficient for mobile phone internet usage. And to quite an extent they were right, it was not bad for the money I was paying but I needed higher speed. Various apps like facebook and Gmail required faster connection to work properly, so I switched to 3G. Ever since I switched to Airtel 3G, I have never ever tried to look for any other ISP, its simply the best. I could now upload images on my facebook page, attach heavy attachments in email and browse websites without much waiting to load. I also use my Airtel 3G as a backup internet connection in case my home broadband goes down and it works better in terms of speed than my Wimax broadband connection.

Recently I felt the need of upgrading my smartphone and went for Huawei Honor 4X which is a 4G phone and with this phone I received a free 4G enabled Airtel SIM card. I was already a user of Airtel so switching to this new SIM was a breeze, all I needed to do was compose a SMS with new SIM number and send it to Airtel, and within few minutes my number was transferred to new 4G SIM. All the instructions are given at the back of SIM card pack on how to activate the new 4G SIM or transfer your existing Airtel number to the new SIM card. Airtel has not yet launched 4G in my city but I have heard that it will be available very soon. I can’t imagine how fast this 4G will be when even their 3G is faster than other popular broadband services.