I started blogging years back in 2007 and at that time I was new to blogging and decided to start my blog with a free web host. That blog on free host lasted for quite long and me and that owner of that free host became good friends. I even moderated his forum for sometime. After few years I could not give time to his forum and neither my personal blog. This was the time when I had purchased few domains and I was running blogs on them purely for writing articles that made me money. It went all great for some year and in mean time my webdesign work was improving as I was learning lots of things from internet and my computer classes too. This is going to be a long story which I will tell later and I must finish here as its quite late night now and I am feeling tired. Long story in short. what I really wanted to tell was that in my busy life I forgot about my personal blog that I had on free host, so today I decided to use my real name domain that is hashimkhan.com to use it as my weblog website.