Airtel 4G – Speed Beyond Imagination

brandlogoWhen it comes to internet, I say either you should have a faster connection or you should not have internet at all. Being a user of internet from the days of 56k dial-up, I am molded to the pain of slow internet speed. I can still remember how much limited the productivity was when there was no fast internet access available in our city. Websites would take ages to load and we often returned from cyber cafes without getting any work done because of slow speed.

Then days got better when various broadband service providers started their service in my city and finally I was able to enjoy the internet like it should be enjoyed. However this fast internet access was limited to my home only and when I got my first smartphone, I really carved for a good internet plan that could allow me to be online all the time using my smartphone and also doesn’t cost a bomb. These were the 3G days and since I was a user of Airtel, I tried with 2G first because it was very cheap and my friends told me that its sufficient for mobile phone internet usage. And to quite an extent they were right, it was not bad for the money I was paying but I needed higher speed. Various apps like facebook and Gmail required faster connection to work properly, so I switched to 3G. Ever since I switched to Airtel 3G, I have never ever tried to look for any other ISP, its simply the best. I could now upload images on my facebook page, attach heavy attachments in email and browse websites without much waiting to load. I also use my Airtel 3G as a backup internet connection in case my home broadband goes down and it works better in terms of speed than my Wimax broadband connection.

Recently I felt the need of upgrading my smartphone and went for Huawei Honor 4X which is a 4G phone and with this phone I received a free 4G enabled Airtel SIM card. I was already a user of Airtel so switching to this new SIM was a breeze, all I needed to do was compose a SMS with new SIM number and send it to Airtel, and within few minutes my number was transferred to new 4G SIM. All the instructions are given at the back of SIM card pack on how to activate the new 4G SIM or transfer your existing Airtel number to the new SIM card. Airtel has not yet launched 4G in my city but I have heard that it will be available very soon. I can’t imagine how fast this 4G will be when even their 3G is faster than other popular broadband services.


How to get rid of pimples

facewashI read on the internet that men use only one or two grooming product and basically a body wash is enough for almost everything. Well I might be different because I use quite a lot of products. I switched to liquid body wash once but again came back to a good quality bath soap. However I always use a face wash for washing my face and I never use a soap no matter how good it is. My choice for face wash changes by season, in winters I have extremely dry face and these days I would choose a face wash that is gentle and does not have any scrubbing effect because that will cause the skin to get irritated. Garnier has a got a new face wash called pureActive with Neem which is perfect for winters. Neem is natural antiseptic and hence it’s not harsh and prevents many skin problems that can happen due to polluted air or infections.

In summers my face becomes very oily and sometimes I can see few pimples appearing too. For pimple prevention the best face wash of your choice should be the one with salicylic acid. I use Garnier AcnoFight facewash when I see pimples appearing. This face wash also has scrubbing effect so it helps to get excess oil cleared off the face. Excess oil on the face can clog the pores and lead to pimples. Our facial skin has oil glads hidden under the layer of skin and these oil glads are needed to keep our skin healthy and moisturized. It’s all fine till these glads secret oil at normal rate but sometimes due to hormonal imbalance at teenage or health problems in adults these glads may over secret the oil and this is the main cause of pimples. At teenage there are hormonal changes occurring and that is why some of us got pimples at teenage. However if you are adult and still getting pimples then it’s a sign of health problem and should be checked. Using a face wash can help clear the symptoms but it’s also important to find the root cause and fix it.

orangeProper diet can greatly reduce the chances of pimples occurring. Reduce fried and oily food intake and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Citrus fruits are also good for skin and having a glass of orange juice in the morning instead of coffee can be a great way to start your day in a healthier way.


Hacking into people’s mind

psychologyAfter completing my MCA, I was so happy, not that I would now get a job or something but that now I have a PG degree and I can relax and concentrate on more important things in my life. My web design work which started as a hobby when I first voluntarily made a website for my friend’s computer business, web design has become an important thing in my life. Time passed and it was some time since I touched any book but soon I started actually missing books. I ordered a thick programming book online on Android and it felt great when it arrived and the tantalizing effect of freshly printed book, I knew I always loved reading but realized only when I was studying this book not for clearing any exam or any kind of grading but just for knowledge.

If I get a chance to study something, I would go abroad and study psychology. It will sound odd for a computer guy going into this subject but to me this can be a great thing to learn. Psychology can be really useful in everyday life, understanding the behavior of people around me. It can be helpful in many situations and give me an edge when dealing with clients. I also think that I will be able to understand client better that what they want in their website and create exactly what they like. It will be like hacking into people’s mind. Overall it would be easier to deal with people and understand them better. UK will be a good place to study this subject, it’s a nice place to live and study. There are plenty of prestigious science colleges in UK and hence chances of getting admission into one is good.

My personal blog born again

I started blogging years back in 2007 and at that time I was new to blogging and decided to start my blog with a free web host. That blog on free host lasted for quite long and me and that owner of that free host became good friends. I even moderated his forum for sometime. After few years I could not give time to his forum and neither my personal blog. This was the time when I had purchased few domains and I was running blogs on them purely for writing articles that made me money. It went all great for some year and in mean time my webdesign work was improving as I was learning lots of things from internet and my computer classes too. This is going to be a long story which I will tell later and I must finish here as its quite late night now and I am feeling tired. Long story in short. what I really wanted to tell was that in my busy life I forgot about my personal blog that I had on free host, so today I decided to use my real name domain that is to use it as my weblog website.