Hacking into people’s mind

psychologyAfter completing my MCA, I was so happy, not that I would now get a job or something but that now I have a PG degree and I can relax and concentrate on more important things in my life. My web design work which started as a hobby when I first voluntarily made a website for my friend’s computer business, web design has become an important thing in my life. Time passed and it was some time since I touched any book but soon I started actually missing books. I ordered a thick programming book online on Android and it felt great when it arrived and the tantalizing effect of freshly printed book, I knew I always loved reading but realized only when I was studying this book not for clearing any exam or any kind of grading but just for knowledge.

If I get a chance to study something, I would go abroad and study psychology. It will sound odd for a computer guy going into this subject but to me this can be a great thing to learn. Psychology can be really useful in everyday life, understanding the behavior of people around me. It can be helpful in many situations and give me an edge when dealing with clients. I also think that I will be able to understand client better that what they want in their website and create exactly what they like. It will be like hacking into people’s mind. Overall it would be easier to deal with people and understand them better. UK will be a good place to study this subject, it’s a nice place to live and study. There are plenty of prestigious science colleges in UK and hence chances of getting admission into one is good.

My personal blog born again

I started blogging years back in 2007 and at that time I was new to blogging and decided to start my blog with a free web host. That blog on free host lasted for quite long and me and that owner of that free host became good friends. I even moderated his forum for sometime. After few years I could not give time to his forum and neither my personal blog. This was the time when I had purchased few domains and I was running blogs on them purely for writing articles that made me money. It went all great for some year and in mean time my webdesign work was improving as I was learning lots of things from internet and my computer classes too. This is going to be a long story which I will tell later and I must finish here as its quite late night now and I am feeling tired. Long story in short. what I really wanted to tell was that in my busy life I forgot about my personal blog that I had on free host, so today I decided to use my real name domain that is to use it as my weblog website.