My farm and home (in front)

Still not settled

My farm and home (in front)We recently shifted to our new home and life is totally out of sync here. No internet, no cable TV and no proper electricity too. Slowly I got everything in order and amongst first thing was to get an internet connection. Since there was no wired connection possible (I favor wired internet connection than wireless) here, I applied for the WiMax and got it installed in 2 days. A DTH was in list too for watching some of my favorite programs on Infotainment channels.

When I wake up in the morning I am totally confused as where the door is and in which place I am sleeping. I was so much used to my older place that I have to realize every morning that I am in a new place.

Apart from these small problems, I am enjoying my new home a lot! We got an organic farm too which is keeping my dad busy all day. For me, making small changes and fixing stuff in house and shopping etc is taking all the time.


Dad retired from his job today

My Dad was working as a Senior Technical Assistant in OT at JNMC Medical College Aligarh and today was his last day of work; he retired today from his duty there. He joined JNMC in 1972 as a Technical Assistant (TA) and later was promoted to STA. Strange thing is I never went to his workplace but I know what was his job and how easily my Dad was a favorite for every doctor there in OT. I know this because doctors often use to especially call my dad for assisting some serious operations and they always said they cannot do it without my Dad presence. After a farewell party when he returned home, he looked happy but I am sure he will be sad from inside. He loved his job, never took unnecessary leave and sometimes even went on the duty when he could easily skip going without any problem. I am curious to see what he will do tomorrow morning as it will be the first day after so many years when he will not be going to job on weekday.