Hard Times


Sold My Car with a Heavy Heart

It was a tough decision. Finally the day has come when I had to part with my first ever purchased car and that day was today. Since I bought second car, I found that I was not using the older one and it was left unused for months. Every other day my father would remind me to use it or sell it because not using it will only degrade it. One day I tried starting it and it wont start because of dead battery. Charged it battery with my own handmade battery charger and the car started like a champ. Posted its ad on OLX, few people came to see it and tried to bargain. I did lower the price a bit but still could not sell. After few months I again posted an ad and this time with much lowered price. Now I was getting better response, two people were very much interested to buy it and one lucky person came and took the car. I was surprised the even after not using the car for several months, it was running just fine. One last parting shot



I had a Sinus Problem


I use to hear from my friends about sinus and how few of them were in deep discomfort but I never cared to know about it in detail. I thought it must be a small problem that can go away itself. But things changed and I started feeling mild fever and laziness all day. Another problem that I started experiencing was that I was not able to talk well now, people would say that I talk in quite low voice and this was a major problem over phone. People at the other end of phone could not hear to what I say because I was always talking in a low tone. Why was I doing this? An ENT doctor when I consulted discovered that my ear drums were retracted and when this happens, ears become extra sensitive to sound and I was hearing my own voice quite loudly while talking. This means I was not able to judge how loudly I was speaking so I was always speaking in a low tone. Sinus problem happen when there is a blockage in your nose passage somewhere and sinus gets filled with fluid and develops infection.

Cause of ear drum retraction was infection in sinus and doctor prescribed me three things, a nasal spray which I liked very much, antibiotics and antihistamine tablets which I didn’t liked at all because they made me feel even sleepier all day. I also started taking Dabur Chyawanprash as it helps build better immunity and fight infection. One thing more doctor prescribed which made everyone at home worried, it was CT scan. CT scan gave an impression that something serious has happened although I knew it was pretty normal in sinus cases and I was not worried. But parents always get worried and since it was the first time someone was getting CT scan done in our family, everyone at home was worried. After the 10 days course of antibiotics, CT scan was done and it came clear. There was nothing serious. Knowing this, everyone at home especially my mother was very happy. On the other note, as you can see in my CT scan above there is a side angle x-ray as well. From this angle I was able to see two molars that were filled by dentist few years back. Since fillings were of silver amalgam, it came distinct in the scan and I can see how well he did the job.

During those 10 days, I felt lots of improvement, I was able to talk easily now and I could feel that ear drums were not retracted anymore. Today was the final checkup date and I feel so much better now. During the treatment days, my family and friends were so worried, they asked to consult more doctors but I refused to do that. I have often seen that people move about from one doctor to another just thinking that they will get quick relief from their ailment, what I would say to them is read about your condition online and then tally with what kind of treatment you are getting. Discuss with your doctor and have faith in him, do not listen to others, you have your own brain and should make your own decisions.


Teeth don’t self heal

Most parts of our body have the power of self healing but our tooth unfortunately does not belong to this category. We get hurt and get wounded and wounds heal with time but any damage that is done to tooth will not get healed. And we need our teeth not just for eating food but for aesthetics purpose too, enough reason to do anything to keep our teeth healthy. When I was a kid, I was not aware of tooth decay caused by eating sweets and not brushing teeth after, and when I came to know about it in school, I didn’t took it seriously either. Result was that there were sever tooth decay in lower jaw molars and two pre-molars. While going though orthodontics treatment my dentist pointed out the decay and told to get the filling done. Now I must say getting this procedure was one of the most painful things I experienced in dental clinic, they used drill to carve out all the decayed part of tooth and fill amalgam. Everything went fine but what I noticed after this procedure that the part of tooth which was filled with amalgam now felt totally something foreign in my mouth which is obvious because there is no sensitivity and feedback sent to tooth from this amalgam filling. For months it felt so odd and even today (and my whole life probably) I will miss the originality of natural tooth. From that day a lesson was learnt that no matter what time of the day is and no matter how much work is pending, first thing to do right after eating sweet stuff is brushing the teeth or at least use a mouthwash if it’s not possible to brush. Also never miss to brush in morning and at night before sleeping. I have been maintaining a strict oral hygiene and result is I don’t have a single dental problem now! You can know more about dental problems at My Healthy Speak Blog

Second Bike accident of Life

I cannot count how many times I fell from bike and got minor bruises and cuts and hence don’t call them accident. But I did had a really bad one when I had a head on collision with another bike and I call this my first accident.  This first accident happened long time when I was 17 or something.

The second accident happened 25th January when I was going to my friends house on my bike and my bike slipped. The road had fine gravels and I think I was not looking at how uneven the road was, got dis-balanced and because another friend was sitting behind, I did not get any chance of balancing the bike and we both fell. When falling my friend landed right on my top so he was saved from any major injury. My face on right side hits the road and since I must have tried to save myself using hands (don’t have memory of that exact time of falling), I got a really bad cut on my chin and bruised both hands. Only good thing was that the incident took place near my friends house and hence help arrived soon and I got the first aid.