Hard Times

My MCA Project Viva Tomorow

Its late night and I am preparing for the final big MCA project viva. This viva is the last thing hopefully I have to do and my MCA would be complete. I will be called a post graduate when I receive the degree yay! But fingers crossed and hope everything goes out well tomorrow because this one is not going to be easy. Making the project was challenge and going for viva in this season when outside temperature is down to 12 deg in day time is another challenge. I don’t know if I will be shivering of fear or cold tomorrow.


Update (6th Feb): Got the highest marks :)


Assignments Completed

As you can see there is a long gap between this post and the previous post, reason is that I was working day and night in completing my assignments. Studying at IGNOU is not easy, and making assignments is not an easy job too. Assignments are given for each subject we have in the semester and from this semester there was a new rule enforced that if you don’t submit assignment, you cannot give exam of that subject! Add to the problem was date of submitting of exam form was before the last date of submission of assignment.  And as usual this information was given to all of us at last moment making it impossible to complete assignments. So IGNOU got some extra money this time in name of late fees from many students. Hope IGNOU uses this free money in doing something good for its students.
Anyhow I completed the assignments and submitted it today evening. Many classmates came to do this and it was a nice meeting them after so many days.