me-cookingI am a foodie and I always try to get the best kept secrets of chefs of making tasty food. When invited to a buffet, I always try to get a sneak peak of what chef is making and more important are the ingredients list that he has. Here are some of those tips that you can use to make your daily food more tasty.

Making rich and tasty gravy: If you are making any main course dish with gravy, I have noticed that some dish call for thinner gravy while others need thicker. For thicker gravy you need to have some bulk to make the content thick. Some people would use onion paste but I have found that one should not fully depend on onion paste alone but add a secondary item with it that goes well with the dish. And these items can one or combination of one of these:

1. Cashew nut paste

2. Coconut paste

3. Heavy cream

4. Curd

5. Tomato purée

While cashew nut and heavy cream do not have a strong taste, curd and tomato purée does have a sour taste so the amount of these should be added with caution otherwise you will make your gravy too sour which is not good. Cashew nut paste or heavy cream should be added at the end of the preparation of dish and add them gradually till you see a good colour and consistency of gravy. There is no fixed amount for these, the more you add, richer the gravy is. Coconut paste go well with non-veg dishes, it just need a little bit cooking so it should be added along with other items like onion paste.


Making pooris more crisp and tasty: To make them more crisp and tasty, just add a little bit of sooji and maida to your wheat flour. Maida will give it a little rubbery texture and sooji will make it crisp. You can experiment with the amount of sooji and maida to get the right type of poori you want. And always deep fry your pooris and pour hot oil over the pooris while you fry them using any big spoon, it makes them puffed and gives good colour.


Avoid overcooking: There is a temperature range for cooking all types of food items, if you overcook vegetables or meat, they taste horrible. This is the biggest mistake people do while cooking at home. Chicken fox example when overcooked becomes dry and hard. It also looses its taste of cooked too much. Similar is the case with vegetables, if cooked too much, the lose the taste. When making gravy dish you can avoid overcooking of vegetables by first stir frying them and then adding them to the cooked gravy at the end. This helps in retaining taste and this is how they do it in restaurants.