honey-spoonHoney is one of those miracles of nature that is known to be good for us since many years. Its not an unknown fact that honey not only taste good, its good for our health too. Add a little honey to your lime water instead of sugar and it comes a perfect detoxifying healthy drink. Sugar is no evil thing but the process of cleaning sugar at refinery which gives you super sparkling white sugar adds some unhealthy things to it. While honey is extraction process is simple, it just requires centrifugal force to separate honey from honeycomb and you get ready to eat without any further processing needed. Also honey does not get spoiled which means it requires no addition of preservatives etc to keep it from spoiling. Packaged honey available from brands like Dabur are very good source of pure honey that you can get which are free from any kind of preservatives.

Honey is a natural sweetener and you can use it in almost every sweet dish or just as extra flavoring substance in your food or drinks. While making any kind of beverages where you need to add sugar, you can always replace sugar with honey to make your drink healthier. Honey is not only good for eating, it is also considered a good antiseptic and speeds up wounds recovery. It has been proven it it speeds up the recovery of burnt skin. Just apply a little bit of honey over the burnt skin and it will give instant relief and work as an antiseptic.

People who want to lose weight, honey is a perfect ingredient to consider. In your Honey Diet you should include lime water with honey before doing to jogging or exercise. It will promote fat loss and also give you energy to do your exercise without causing much exhaustion. Honey does have slightly more calories when compared with equal amount of sugar but honey is denser and sweeter than sugar so you will always need less of it to make food item sweet. Honey dissolves very quickly in water so you also don’t need to spend much time stirring like you have to do it with sugar. I am a lazy person and I do like this fact that I won’t need to keep moving that spoon for endless time to completely dissolve the sugar. However when you are making any dish that requires heating or frying, do not add honey at the beginning but add it at the end so that honey is not cooked with your dish. You do not want to burn it and caramelize like sugar, although pure honey does not caramelize but it changes its texture when heated too much. Pure honey can get solidified, if that happens just place it in warm water and it should be back to liquid state.