Our mobile phone is a kind of life line for us now, we carry it everywhere with us. Some people even take it to washroom with them because they cannot leave their phone even for a single minute. With that kind of attachment with phone seen with people, software market is flooded with mobile apps. Each app will do something to keep you busy. However one main task of mobile after making and receiving calls is internet access. Just like our PC, mobile also have their smaller version of web browser to enable web access. If your web browser app is not a good one, web browsing experience is not going to be good. Since web browsing is one of the main task of smartphone and we are so much dependent on it, you should have the best web browser app installed to get the best web browsing experience.

So which browser app is the best? I would without any doubt vouch for UC Browser any day that it is the best web browser app for mobile. For your laptop or desktop PC, you must be using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and both of them are very good browser but when it comes to their mobile app version I can say that they are not as good as the UC Browser. UC Browser is very light weight and yet feature rich. Install it on a very low configuration mobile phone and still it would work like a champ while other web browser apps start to crash if they don’t get quad core processing and GB’s of RAM.

3 Years back when I got my new Android phone, it came with Chrome pre-installed and it worked fine that time. Months passes and there were several updates in Chrome which led to app becoming more resource intensive. Also in these time I installed several other apps on this phone which took a major part of internal memory. So now the Chrome had less resources while it was getting more resource hungry due to updates. Situation was so bad that I could hardly open any website without crashing multiple times. It was getting frustrating and then I recalled that my very first smartphone (which was not android) had a browser called UC Browser and it never crashed and worked great. I searched for UC Browser on Play store and found its android app as well. Installed it right away and now I can easily browse websites and stream videos without any problem on my 3 year old Android phone which is very low powered when compared to phone launched recently. Now I can quickly check cricked score on my phone because UC browser is so light weight and quick that it doesn’t take much time to to launch and get to the score page with its UC Cricket feature.

UC Browser is not a new software, it’s been around since pre-android period when phones either used Java or Symbian OS and since then it has been the most preferred web browser with mobile users.