Most parts of our body have the power of self healing but our tooth unfortunately does not belong to this category. We get hurt and get wounded and wounds heal with time but any damage that is done to tooth will not get healed. And we need our teeth not just for eating food but for aesthetics purpose too, enough reason to do anything to keep our teeth healthy. When I was a kid, I was not aware of tooth decay caused by eating sweets and not brushing teeth after, and when I came to know about it in school, I didn’t took it seriously either. Result was that there were sever tooth decay in lower jaw molars and two pre-molars. While going though orthodontics treatment my dentist pointed out the decay and told to get the filling done. Now I must say getting this procedure was one of the most painful things I experienced in dental clinic, they used drill to carve out all the decayed part of tooth and fill amalgam. Everything went fine but what I noticed after this procedure that the part of tooth which was filled with amalgam now felt totally something foreign in my mouth which is obvious because there is no sensitivity and feedback sent to tooth from this amalgam filling. For months it felt so odd and even today (and my whole life probably) I will miss the originality of natural tooth. From that day a lesson was learnt that no matter what time of the day is and no matter how much work is pending, first thing to do right after eating sweet stuff is brushing the teeth or at least use a mouthwash if it’s not possible to brush. Also never miss to brush in morning and at night before sleeping. I have been maintaining a strict oral hygiene and result is I don’t have a single dental problem now! You can know more about dental problems at My Healthy Speak Blog