snakeSnakes don’t terrorize me, but spiders do and this is the reason I didn’t wanted to leave the comfort of my room and settle for any other room in my home. Few days back just before I was going for a short night walk before I go to bed, my mother spotted a snake in my room. She screamed so loudly that the poor thing got terrified and hid himself (or herself? Who knows the gender?) somewhere in the room. At first I could not believe that a snake could be there in my room and she might have seen something else like a lizard or something. But being she so sure about snake only, I began the search for a snake in my room. I moved everything in my room and still could not find any sight of snake. Tired, at around 1 am I went to sleep knowing that there is a snake in my room. I cannot fall asleep in a new place and that is the reason I didn’t sleep anywhere else. I remember when we moved to our new home, for first few nights I could not sleep at all. On the recommendation of my mother, I kept my bedroom lights on that night. I even made a joke about this like why keep the lights on? So that snake could see me better and bite? Next morning day began as usual and the maid was instructed to be careful when cleaning the room. At around 4 pm I was about to go to washroom and somehow I felt that I will see that snake in washroom and no surprise that snake was peacefully lying there. So this snake came from washroom and it was hiding there the whole time! I equipped myself wish Mortein insect spray and wiper to stop it from running away. Carefully held that snake there using the wiper mop and sprayed some Mortein over it to make him sleepy for some time. Once it stopped trying to escape from the grip of my mop, I shifted this snake to where it belong that is outside in bushes away from my home.

So lesson learned here is that snakes could come into your home from the washroom and there is something need to be done. I noticed that almost every door in my home is a little gap between the door and floor. Some have larger gaps and some have less. These gaps can allow insects and even snakes to enter the room. To fix this I bought some door sealers and installed them in every door of my home. The good thing about these door sealers is that they make air conditioning more effective by stopping air leakage from the room. The door sealers I am talking about have some nylon brush like soft material which touches the floor and seals the room completely yet allowing free movement of the door. Since the material is soft, there will be no scratch marks on the floor or any sound when you open the door.


Installing them is very easy, just take the door sealer and fix them using self-tapping screws if the doors are made of wood. If you don’t want to use screws then you can also fix them using Epoxy glue. Three doors in my home are made of iron and I did not want to drill holes in them so just glued these door sealers using Bond Tite Epoxy at night and by the morning they were fixed very firmly. These door sealer strips come in standard sizes and chances are that you will find the strip that matches your door width, if not then just buy the slightly larger one and cut the extra part using a hacksaw. These strips are made of a soft aluminum alloy material and very easy to cut. You can even cut them with bread knife if you want. When you cut the strip, the nylon part may tend to become loose and shed threads. To stop this from happening, just bring the cut part near a candle to melt the nylon and press it with pliers to seal it. When installing on wooden doors, place the strip and mark all the holes using a permanent marker. On these marked spots make a small hole of 0.5 cm deep using any sharp pointed object. Do this for all the holes and then just place the strip back on the door aligning all the holes you just made and put self-tapping screws. If you plan to do this on your own, it’s very easy and needs few tools. I have listed all the things that you will need a link to buy them online if you don’t have already:

  1. Door Sealers
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Self-tapping screws
  4. Epoxy Glue
  5. Permanent marker pen
  6. Hack Saw