Lenovo Yoga Tablet


Tablets bridge the computing usability gap between smartphone and laptop. Some tablets come with SIM card slots and calling facility too. Screen size of these tablets range from 7 inches to 12 inches, and like smart phone where manufacturers have found a sweet spot of 4.5 inch screen which is a balance between too large and too small, in case of these tablets its yet to be found. However there are more of 7 inch tablets and very few of them above 10 inches in the market. I think a sweet spot can be around 8 inches and that reminds of new Lenovo tablets.

Lenovo India recently launched a new range of tablets called Yoga. Now as the name suggest, this tablet have a footer attachment that can flex to provide almost unlimited viewing positions! Tablets are all about computing on the go and if it can’t adjust to your environment, its better to carry a laptop. Yoga tablet provide wider screen gives freedom from pinch to zooming every time you want to read text and with its foldable base, it can be placed on desk at perfect viewing angle.

Keeping the Yoga tablet on desk like a photo frame looks very good, just keep a screen saver of your home photos and it also works as a digital photo frame. I have found another great use of that base, and that wall hanging! Yes you can also hang this yoga tablet easily on a wall, all you need is to make slit on the wall that snugly fits the base and just inset the base into this slit. Below is the pictorial view of the same:

slit-wallFirst we create a slit on the wall. It does not have to be very deep, just deep enough to take the base of the tablet.  Important thing to remember is that slit should be of just the right thickness, if it does not fit the base snugly, your tablet may fall off. Also if you give a slight taper inside, it will be helpful in sliding it in and out.

End result is below after placing the tablet on wall:


How much does it cost to be polite?

At the day of Eid this year I really appreciated how my SBI bank’s ATM near Muslim area was especially loaded with brand new printed currency. They knew that we will withdraw for giving “eedi” this day and not for eid shopping and it’s a trend to give new untwisted notes this day to children as eedi.

However few days before Eid I was shopping and skipped this ATM due to long queue there and went to other one of the same bank but different branch. This one was little far but I knew there won’t be a long queue there. But on reaching the stop I found out of two ATM machines only one was working. I went for the one which was working and 3 people were standing already for their turn. A man comes and ask the guard for the banks IFSC code. The guard tells him to wait till he gets the code. These codes are usually written inside the notice board of bank in bold and this person surely was new. This person happen to be standing in front of the ATM machine which was not working. Suddenly a bank employee enters the ATM room in a hurry and shouts, “everyone out, one machine is closed and I am going to close the second one too”. These were his words in a very rude fashion. He also gave some lecture to the person waiting for IFSC code that why was he standing in front of a closed machine. I was not offended by all this scene created by this bank employee but I thought what the need of this rude behavior? No one is the queue was abstaining from moving out and certainly no sane person would still stand there to stare at blank ATM machine screen. I feel sorry for the people who lose their temper unnecessarily. Being polite does not cost anything, but earns you respect.



Tangy Falsa Sherbet

Its Falsa (or Phalsa) season these days and I would like to share a wonderful Falsa sherbet recipe. Falsa is a kind of fruit with lots of health benefits. Read its wiki page for more knowledge about it, here just enjoy this simple recipe:

Take about 500 gms of falsa. Before buying check that most of the falsa should be fully ripe, fully ripe ones will be soft and not hard. Now take this falsa in a bowl, wash it well and then smash them with your hands. Do not use any food processor for this job because they grind the seeds as well and spoil the taste. Once smashed well, it will look like jam. Don’t worry about the seeds, let them be there. Now take 500 gms of sugar (since we had 500gms of falsa) and mix the sugar in smashed falsa. Just mix it well and leave it for few hours, all the sugar crystals will dissolve itself. Always remember that quantity of sugar will be equal to quantity of falsa. You can keep this mix in a clear jar and put it in refrigerator.

Now to make sherbet, put two spoon of falsa jam in a glass of ice cold water. Mix it well and filter it in another glass. Enjoy the drink.



Modern healthcare – only reason we live longer now

Earlier in olden days when someone fell sick, people didn’t knew the actual disease and medical science at that time was also not advanced enough to treat every disease found in humans. With advancement in medical science, today’s modern healthcare system has the ability to cure almost every disease. This is a reason why we have longer lifespan now even when we are living stressful life, facing pollution everyday and eating unhealthy junk food. Modern healthcare has been a blessing to human being.

It is unfortunate to see some people still believing in quacks and things like amulet etc. There is a very famous person here in my city who gives amulet for every disease and problems and people claim that they get benefit. I doubt if this was true and enquired people whom I knew well and they told me their sad story that even after years of wearing charm and doing various stuff told by that person, their illness did not got cured at all. Add to it, that person selling amulet was suffering from some illness and it came to my knowledge that he went to hospital for the treatment. Now it’s really eye opening that if he really had a cure for everything by just wearing amulet, why doesn’t he himself wear one and get rid of his illness? What really happen and make these type of people famous is the self healing power of our body. Some people find relief even when they do not take any medicine and it’s all by our body mechanism of handling damage caused to our body by illness. These same people if wear amulet, give all the credit to the person who gave them the amulet and forget how their own body worked hard to cure it.

Latest innovations in medical science have given birth to many life saving medicines and cutting edge medical equipments that helps saving life’s everyday. Simple things we might even ignore, like vaccines and tetanus injection which have been a life saver for all of us today.