My Unconditional Faith in ASUS Brand

When I was a kid and I got my first computer, it was a branded desktop PC but me being a born techie I was curious to see what is inside a computer first thing I noticed inside was ASUS motherboard. This PC served us for long time without any glitch and from there my trust was built for this brand. Later I assembled my own desktop and I used most of the components from ASUS and this computer is working great till date. When I was in college and looking went to buy laptop, ASUS was my first preferred brand and I am writing this blog from my ASUS X53S laptop. I am more than satisfied with my laptop and being an ASUS, its keeping for its brands name by serving me without single issue. I use my laptop daily for professional web development work and this includes not only continuous running for 15 hours every day but also running multiple heavy applications.



Now came the era of Android phones and while everyone was getting android phones, I took some time to get one for myself. I was watching the market and reading reviews in magazines, watching video blog reviews on Youtube and there were so many brands and models that it made it really hard for me to choose one set that was perfect for me. Anyhow when all my friends started switching to android, I was also forced to say goodbye to my old Motorola phone and switch to a brand new android phone. Now this phone was good initially but later on I started getting issues like frequent crashing and memory card getting corrupt every time. Low RAM was also a major drawback and when camera of this phone also started acting up, it was the time to get myself a new phone. I don’t upgrade my phone frequently because my usage of phone was limited to making calls and taking pictures. But now android spoiled me with cool apps like Watsapp, trucaller and the Gmail app.

When I was about to upgrade my phone, I found that ASUS was going to launch android phones as well with Intel Atom processor and this was enough for me to stop myself from buying any other brand of phone. I got myself the very first ASUS Zenfone 4 and I must say ASUS again proved itself for being an extra ordinary brand. This was the best android phone in its range at that time and had really solid built quality. Camera, display, battery backup everything was top notch. Time passed and today we see phones that have octa core processors and Gb’s of RAM, heck my first computer only had single core processor and 128mb of RAM! ASUS was not behind the race and their latest ASUS Zenfone 6 is equipped with whopping 2GB of RAM, powerful Intel Atom processor and 13MP primary camera that will put dedicated point and shoot cameras run for their money. I am saving for this phone and hope to get my hands on it very soon.


How to get rid of pimples

facewashI read on the internet that men use only one or two grooming product and basically a body wash is enough for almost everything. Well I might be different because I use quite a lot of products. I switched to liquid body wash once but again came back to a good quality bath soap. However I always use a face wash for washing my face and I never use a soap no matter how good it is. My choice for face wash changes by season, in winters I have extremely dry face and these days I would choose a face wash that is gentle and does not have any scrubbing effect because that will cause the skin to get irritated. Garnier has a got a new face wash called pureActive with Neem which is perfect for winters. Neem is natural antiseptic and hence it’s not harsh and prevents many skin problems that can happen due to polluted air or infections.

In summers my face becomes very oily and sometimes I can see few pimples appearing too. For pimple prevention the best face wash of your choice should be the one with salicylic acid. I use Garnier AcnoFight facewash when I see pimples appearing. This face wash also has scrubbing effect so it helps to get excess oil cleared off the face. Excess oil on the face can clog the pores and lead to pimples. Our facial skin has oil glads hidden under the layer of skin and these oil glads are needed to keep our skin healthy and moisturized. It’s all fine till these glads secret oil at normal rate but sometimes due to hormonal imbalance at teenage or health problems in adults these glads may over secret the oil and this is the main cause of pimples. At teenage there are hormonal changes occurring and that is why some of us got pimples at teenage. However if you are adult and still getting pimples then it’s a sign of health problem and should be checked. Using a face wash can help clear the symptoms but it’s also important to find the root cause and fix it.

orangeProper diet can greatly reduce the chances of pimples occurring. Reduce fried and oily food intake and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Citrus fruits are also good for skin and having a glass of orange juice in the morning instead of coffee can be a great way to start your day in a healthier way.

Why I Became a Teacher

New year got a drastic change in my life as I took a job as part time computer teacher in January this year. Why I did this? there are many reasons. First and biggest reason for this was that my life was getting stale with almost no social interaction and as everyone would agree that sitting in front of computer and working for long hours is not fun.

Its true that more you meet people, the more you want to get away from them and that was the reason that at one point I thought of only being a full time freelance web developer. But soon I realized that social interaction is important for both mental and physical health. There has to be a balance and to make this balance what could be better than becoming a teacher?

Now everyday I go to school, spend some quality time interacting with my colleagues and teaching a class with 45+ students, its just feels great. It all started one morning when I got a call from AMU that I am selected by the selection committee and I can join any time I want, honestly I never expected to get this job as in the interview I told that I have zero teaching experience but I think because of being overqualified for this post and due to my confidence they offered me this job.


Decision to speak truth is always the best decision

sad-girlWorking as a freelance web developer alone with no one to help, it was okay till now but since few months I was checking on my daily schedule that I had almost no time left for myself. Earlier I used to take out time for my hobby, some exercise, little things that kept me social like visiting friends place at various occasions or just hanging out and having a good time etc. but now all I was doing was eating, sleeping and working. Due to this change in life style I noticed rapid increase in body weight as well, which is not a good sign at all.

I thought of hiring someone to work for me but again this freelance work was so typical that I could not find anyone around me worth hiring. I talked about this issue with my friends and one of them who was also from computer background suggested that I can give her some work to do and she will do it for free just for learning and work experience. I agreed and also committed that if her work was good, I would pay for the work, but she insisted that she does not need money.

It began with little easy and small task which I gave her to check her ability and she did a kind of “just okay” job and I knew I was not going to get any worthwhile help from her in my freelance work. I lied and said that her work was good although I was not satisfied. Later on I gave her some designing work to check her taste of colours and how well she understands the current design trends and she failed badly in it. Her design work was pathetic but again to make her not feel bad I said it was good. Although I said it was good since I didn’t use her design in final project and obviously it got rejected by the client as well, she understood now that she needs some training and I agreed to give her that, but I was still quite hopeless. Just like I thought, even after several months of training, I was not seeing any progress and during these time, just that she doesn’t feel bad I used to say that you are working well and you are learning fast and so on.

Now during festive season I usually have truckloads of work with myself as I also take some print design jobs from my local clients and I was not having a minute of free time. However I continued with the training and all this time I was lying that yes I got time but in reality I had no time at all. At last I have to give up when I learnt that she is still stuck from where we started and there was no development at all. I had to speak the truth one by one, starting that I simply have no more time for training now. Wish I had said this much before and saved so much time and embarrassment.

When we manipulate someone, although it seems to work for the moment but then deep inside us we know that we are not doing good and that makes us feel uncomfortable after sometime. Here is a nice TVC by Kinley which shows exactly the same feeling of regret and how one can fix it by just speaking the truth.