Doctor 0 : Quack 1


I went to doctor few months back for slight pain that was bugging me a lot. Being an educated person and belonging to a family where most people are doctor, I went to the most reputed medical college and got my ear checked from a good ENT doctor. This doctor checked both ear with his otoscope which makes it really easy for doctor to see what’s the condition inside ear and nose canal. He could not find anything particular but audiometry test reported that my left ear was not 100% perfect in listening all the frequencies. Doctor said that this pain is due to my sinus problem and gave me medicines.

Now as there was no improvement, I went again and this time it was the senior most ENT doctor that checked my ear and still he could not notice anything inside my left ear. He continued the medicines. However I was not satisfied as there was still pain in my ear and now even new problems started like ringing sound that started on its own any time and what not.


ear-waxOne fine day I just happen to visit my friendly roadside mechanic and I saw a man checking my mechanic ear. He was a quack and often people get their ear cleaned from them. I thought why not give this man a try and let him check my ear. I told him to just see the condition of my ear. I did not told him anything about audiometry test and that I am having pain in my ear and my left ear failed the audiometry test. I just told him to check and do nothing. He checks my right ear in just day light without any scope with his naked eyes and says the ear is fine. He although could not resist and cleaned the ear anyway. He checks my left ear and tadaa..! literally springs from his place and calls the mechanic to see what he was seeing. It was something not right and he immediately gave his report that my left ear needs intensive cleaning or else I may have issues later. He didn’t knew that I was already having those issues so I gave him a go to do his work and fix my ear. On which he told his fee of Rs.150. I knew that I have already spent thousands on antibiotics which were not able to fix my ear so this was no big amount. I just told him that I should not get deaf on which both my mechanic and the quack laughed. Quack open his small wooden box, takes out a small bottle with white oil and pour few drops of it in my ear. He then uses his tool and after few seconds of trying, pulls out a huge ball of gunk that was struck on ear drum causing all the problems. Picture of which is on the right. He again open his box, and pours another oil, yellow color this time and finally cleans the ear with cotton and says your ear will be fine now. Its almost 2 weeks now and his words were correct, my ear is fine and right after the day of his ear cleaning, all the pain, ringing sound was gone. Left ear also passed audiometry test now.

I am not promoting this quack and every ENT doctor will advice to stay away from them but this quack was not only able to find the root cause of ear pain in few seconds using just his eyes and also fix the problem while doctors were clueless even when using advanced tools. Its knowledge and experience that matters, books and degree cannot make someone a good doctor that’s for sure.


Best day as a newbie photographer

IMG_0854When things don’t work out as expected, even small failures in day to day life demotivates us to quite an extent. Like yesterday only I tried a new recipe and it didn’t turn out well and it was like a last push to an already bad day. I am foodie and not only like to taste new varieties of dishes, I enjoy experimenting with recipes and keep hunting for something new for the taste buds.

Apart from food, my recently new venture in photography as a hobby has given me some really good and quality time of my life. Every time I decide to shoot something, it gives me an inner sense that something good is happening and I must say it’s because by shooting photos I am totally disconnected from other thoughts and only creative part of brain is working. Last year I decided to go to exhibition with my friend who is a professional photographer and we went there only for shooting photos. I was skeptical about this at first as I knew that in exhibition people might not like us two shooting photos and give weird expressions but I was wrong.

IMG_1844Both of us entered and exhibition with cameras in hand and from right there I felt a moment of joy and that joy was till the end of our exhibition photo session. I knew it was going to be an awesome day and really it was one of the best time I had. Biggest surprise was people being neutral to camera and not overreacting which gave us some really nice shots of people casually enjoying the exhibition as if there is no camera around. Some people and shop owners do enquired us and asked the purpose of the photo shoot and we manipulated them easily, we made stories and lied to everyone and we enjoyed this too! Some of them thought that we were from newspaper or some TV channel and we agreed to that too. We did this because it was hard to explain the real purpose of our photo shoot to general public and we did not wanted to waste any moment and shoot as much as possible.

At the end we were left with hundreds of photos, each worth a look and some of them were exceptionally good. This was the day when photography gave me really a good dose of motivation and positive energy. I enjoyed that day in exhibition as much as I enjoyed it as a kid. I have decided to take out time from busy schedules and once in a while venture into photography not only as a part of hobby but as a self-mediation for peaceful and positive state of mind.

Got my First Ever Salary Today

I joined as a part time computer teacher in January and this was my first job I ever did in my life. It has been two months and today I received my first salary, it was a good day. First month I did not receive any salary because of some delay in paperwork so I got a combined salary for both the months. Its still not a big amount as I easy make much more than this in my freelance web development but still this first salary means a lot to me, I would keep this salary slip forever with me.


My Unconditional Faith in ASUS Brand

When I was a kid and I got my first computer, it was a branded desktop PC but me being a born techie I was curious to see what is inside a computer first thing I noticed inside was ASUS motherboard. This PC served us for long time without any glitch and from there my trust was built for this brand. Later I assembled my own desktop and I used most of the components from ASUS and this computer is working great till date. When I was in college and looking went to buy laptop, ASUS was my first preferred brand and I am writing this blog from my ASUS X53S laptop. I am more than satisfied with my laptop and being an ASUS, its keeping for its brands name by serving me without single issue. I use my laptop daily for professional web development work and this includes not only continuous running for 15 hours every day but also running multiple heavy applications.



Now came the era of Android phones and while everyone was getting android phones, I took some time to get one for myself. I was watching the market and reading reviews in magazines, watching video blog reviews on Youtube and there were so many brands and models that it made it really hard for me to choose one set that was perfect for me. Anyhow when all my friends started switching to android, I was also forced to say goodbye to my old Motorola phone and switch to a brand new android phone. Now this phone was good initially but later on I started getting issues like frequent crashing and memory card getting corrupt every time. Low RAM was also a major drawback and when camera of this phone also started acting up, it was the time to get myself a new phone. I don’t upgrade my phone frequently because my usage of phone was limited to making calls and taking pictures. But now android spoiled me with cool apps like Watsapp, trucaller and the Gmail app.

When I was about to upgrade my phone, I found that ASUS was going to launch android phones as well with Intel Atom processor and this was enough for me to stop myself from buying any other brand of phone. I got myself the very first ASUS Zenfone 4 and I must say ASUS again proved itself for being an extra ordinary brand. This was the best android phone in its range at that time and had really solid built quality. Camera, display, battery backup everything was top notch. Time passed and today we see phones that have octa core processors and Gb’s of RAM, heck my first computer only had single core processor and 128mb of RAM! ASUS was not behind the race and their latest ASUS Zenfone 6 is equipped with whopping 2GB of RAM, powerful Intel Atom processor and 13MP primary camera that will put dedicated point and shoot cameras run for their money. I am saving for this phone and hope to get my hands on it very soon.


How to get rid of pimples

facewashI read on the internet that men use only one or two grooming product and basically a body wash is enough for almost everything. Well I might be different because I use quite a lot of products. I switched to liquid body wash once but again came back to a good quality bath soap. However I always use a face wash for washing my face and I never use a soap no matter how good it is. My choice for face wash changes by season, in winters I have extremely dry face and these days I would choose a face wash that is gentle and does not have any scrubbing effect because that will cause the skin to get irritated. Garnier has a got a new face wash called pureActive with Neem which is perfect for winters. Neem is natural antiseptic and hence it’s not harsh and prevents many skin problems that can happen due to polluted air or infections.

In summers my face becomes very oily and sometimes I can see few pimples appearing too. For pimple prevention the best face wash of your choice should be the one with salicylic acid. I use Garnier AcnoFight facewash when I see pimples appearing. This face wash also has scrubbing effect so it helps to get excess oil cleared off the face. Excess oil on the face can clog the pores and lead to pimples. Our facial skin has oil glads hidden under the layer of skin and these oil glads are needed to keep our skin healthy and moisturized. It’s all fine till these glads secret oil at normal rate but sometimes due to hormonal imbalance at teenage or health problems in adults these glads may over secret the oil and this is the main cause of pimples. At teenage there are hormonal changes occurring and that is why some of us got pimples at teenage. However if you are adult and still getting pimples then it’s a sign of health problem and should be checked. Using a face wash can help clear the symptoms but it’s also important to find the root cause and fix it.

orangeProper diet can greatly reduce the chances of pimples occurring. Reduce fried and oily food intake and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Citrus fruits are also good for skin and having a glass of orange juice in the morning instead of coffee can be a great way to start your day in a healthier way.