It was an unusually hot summer morning (unusually hot as a piece of plastic deformed inside my car when it was parked outside for sometime); I was in bank filling form for drafts. My hands were already tired writing assignments for several days and I was barely able to write when this beautiful young lady approached me and asked for today’s date. Its usual thing in bank here people asking date, pen and spelling of amount in words etc so I just told even without looking at her. I was busy filling 6 drafts forms one mine and other of friends carefully checking everything again and again when this lady ask me if I live at Safina? Safina is the name of apartments near this bank, and I promptly replied “No” with a gentle smile.  She was standing on my left filling withdrawal form and then she again paused and says “ops I did a mistake in my signature and I have to fill it all again”. At this point I felt I should advice her something, I am hesitant to talk to unknown opposite gender but since she was so friendly I proceeded. I told her,  “see there are so many blank withdraw slips you should take few home so that next time you don’t need to fill them here in a hurry “. She was like what an idea!!!  Now after some pause she asks me, “what is your name and where do you live? I replied Medical colony and with no delay she asks me. “Are you a Doctor?” Now I told about myself that I do websites work and also studying MCA and she was listening to all that with a delight. She then told me that she is withdrawing 400 rupees; don’t know why she told me that.  I was still busy filling and checking these draft form and counting bundles of notes when this mystery lady left saying she has to leave now (to stand at withdrawal window queue). I saw her leaving the bank after sometime but she could not see me to make that last good bye smile. Talk is not over yet, I wish to meet you again mystery lady! Dumbo me, forgot to ask her name and place.