Its 12 midnight and I am hearing to free Quwali (that actually I don’t want to right now), thanks to people nearby who I don’t know but are some strange people for sure who don’t need to sleep and need really high volume of everything. By law all loud speakers should be shut down after 10PM and this is strictly followed in banquet halls here but right now the sound is coming from some residential area. Its not a problem of today, its like a season which comes when these unknown people start playing Quwali or mushaira or religious speeches or sometimes even movie songs and when they do it, they continue it till 1 AM or 2 AM. I am not interfering in anyone’s life but if these people do want to listen to all this things at night only, why don’t they keep the volume a little lower so that they can listen themselves? I know these people are at least 2 or more KM’s away and they can keep volume high if they like and still not disturb me but don’t know what their problem that they keep it so high. Since years I am not able to sleep when these people start playing at such high volume, and only wish if I could find them, reach the spot and break their speakers. Enough of it, I need to complain about these people but on second thought I will be leaving this place after some weeks and when others don’t have any problem, let these fools enjoy.