footballIt has been quite long time (around 13 years since) I left that school but still the bad things about that school keeps coming back in my mind and make me feel bad and my hate for that school keeps going up. So I decided to write about it, this makes me feel better. I don’t want to tell these things in person to anyone because people might not agree with me as its one of the finest school our city.

The hate for my school was due to the bad, incompetent teachers and their unfair nature towards me. The PT teacher for instance, I still don’t know what my fault was that day when he asked me to stand there in corner in punishment and did not let me play. On every Wednesday the last two periods were games period, we all waited for it the whole week and enjoyed it most with our friends playing games. That day our teacher gave us football to play and while everyone was spreading in the field, he calls me. I heard him and immediately turned back and as I was going towards him there was that football in my way and as normal reflex any kid will have, I lightly kicked that football out of my way. Not too hard that it would go out of reach of anyone, just enough to move it out of my way. Now I was standing infront of him, thinking what he wanted from me, he asked me to stand there in corner. After one period (45 mins) he let me go after saying sorry. I said sorry and left. I asked my friend what was the reason I was punished? He said maybe because you kicked that ball? WTF

One a second occasion, it was the day of PT test and the marks would get into our report cards so it was a serious test Out PT teacher was thinking what to do to take test. He was incompetent and not able to decide what task to give to students to do for the PT test. He had some favorite students in the class which he favored and gave more attention. He asked them and one of them said that lets have “push ups” as the test. The one who does more number of push ups in one minute get more marks. That bastard said this because he was quite good at it and for normal students like me in the class, we had never done push ups in our life. We were going to get bad marks for sure. Anyway the test began and I saw them how they were doing it. When my turn came up, I did fairly good but after 20 seconds the boy who was counting push ups pointed that my knees were always touching the ground and I am doing it wrong way. He laughed and made fun too. So in all I lost half of the time and last 30 seconds were only given to me, still managed to get passing marks but I still hate the PT teacher for that day.

PT teacher, his fav. Selected team of monkeys and that chap counting push ups, if you are reading this be ashamed of what you did and may God shower you with loads and loads of crappy miserable days in your life.