We live in a rented house allotted to my Dad but soon we will be shifting to our own house, that is almost done now and only little finishing work is left there to be done. However since years one long stretch of road that lead to the construction site of my new house was so bad that one cannot drive above 3rd gear. After much delay the road is finally getting made properly and I was happy to see the fast pace work going there and even when the road is only partially done, now I can drive in 5th gear and save some fuel. There was a Volvo road roller which was doing its job of leveling road at much faster rate than older model road rollers did. Normally it would take about 10min to reach there from my friends house but today it took only 2min and 11 seconds!! I know this precisely because my friend was making video all the way and it was just a 2min 11 sec video. We were surprised to see how quickly we reached the spot.